Welcome To The Lifeboat

Greetings, wanderer. My name is Ivan.

Here I publish essays, stories and notes on life, culture and art in the digital age.

The weaving themes are:

I send three types of e-mails:

  • Weekly essays and short stories.

  • Curated links and recommendations- essays, short stories, films, books, music.

  • Personal and this newsletter’s updates and digests.

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Get in the lifeboat! There’s a place reserved for you. We’re heading to... I have no idea where. Fais ce que dois, advienne, que pourra.

The Lifeboat? What?

If you are curious, the name of this newsletter comes from the quote Matt Criscuola shared with me in one of the internet’s secret chambers. It is The Lifeboat for me, it is my way to cope with the rat race and conjure up artistry in my life.

I hope I will be able to share this artistry with you.

Finding the lifeboat gets you to the island but then you have to build your world once you land. - Matt Criscuola (@AccentBrah)

Want to talk?

Best ways to contact me:

  • 📧 E-mail - hey@ioann.xyz. I like conversations that demand long-form and thoughtful replies.

  • 🐦 Twitter - @ioann_xyz. Send DM or just follow me.