A new kind of old narrative conflict we are all engaged in
another translation of a quite obscure piece with plenty of footnotes included.
a short story about a forgotten legacy
“I am so fuckin’ transcended in my cognition as if I have lived for a hundred trillion of billions of fuckin’ years on trillions of trillions of fucking…
a short story about a little man fighting against a universal entity
Reflections on one year of writing and some updates on the future of the Lifeboat.
a short story about one curious scientific experiment
a story about one mysterious novelist giving his first podcast interview
“Your talent puts you in a special position: if you were a toad or a tarantula, even then you would be respected, as everything is forgiven to a…
Lessons and facts about using different names
On want vs need, building audience (YES), cinema and storytelling
a translation of a fragment from Sergei Eisenstein’s memoirs written about his encounters with James Joyce