Humble Travelling Tips

The Lifeboat №15: Recommendations on what to do when you manage to leave your home

Don’t leave your room. This is better left undone.
You’ve got cheap smokes, so why should you need the sun?
Nothing makes sense outside, happiness least of all.
You may go to the loo but avoid the hall.

– Joseph Brodsky

In July, we went to Edinburgh for a weekend, for the first time to Scotland, for the first time via a 5-hour train journey across the UK, for the first time in 2021 to somewhere, for the first time... Well, after such a long time of no travelling, everything was like the first time. Everything felt almost illegal. We used to travel a lot, around five-ten different places a year, mostly abroad. I remember going to ten countries in 2018. Every experience, including the most recent, was unique, memorable and inevitably taught me something. Which I'm about to channel to you, as humbly as possible.

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