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The Lifeboat №17: on career choices

It all has started with a weird and sudden question:

"Imagine Joe from the middle of nowhere who, instead of buying a meal as his mom told him, spends all his pocket money to buy gems in our game. Will your conscience torture you?"

The question seemed like a bad joke comparing it to all previous, and, must be mentioned, successful (ha-ha), interviewer's attempts to pull my knowledge of statistics and programming from me.

"My conscience won't bear it. What you do here is a crime aganist human psyche. And perhaps – against humanity as a whole. It's cruel, morally inappropriate. I'm above it all. Don't call me back. Bye!"

That's what I could say but my answer was different:

"Why would it torture me?"

The answer seemed self-evident. I needed that job – a dream job, ‘the sexiest job of the 21st century’, as many called it. And, moreover, why would my conscience care about some random Joe from nowhere and how he spends his pocket money? Joe has a right to decide on how to dispose of it. Financial literacy must be inculcated from an early age and the fact that Joe's financial decisions are totally and undoubtfully his own much more important than the outcome. Gems aren't cigarettes after all.


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