Machine Against Mediocrity

The Lifeboat №19: Another new kind of old narrative conflict we are all engaged in

Generating Reality

Imagine a world, where AI can generate photo-realistic pictures of anything and everything: humans, animals, nature, or any object – even synthesised on-demand with a given description. Not only realistic but abstract and surreal – anything you can and cannot think of, landscapes, creatures and scenes which are beyond your weak hooman imagination. And not only images but also texts, suitable at least for copywriting, cold emails, summaries, customer support bots, but sometimes fiction, poetry and games. And any voice (even yours) to read all these texts– automatically translated into a required language– with the desired accent, mood and tone. And music, setting the right tempo, atmosphere, levels of epicness or tranquillity. Or whole stories, characters, plots, endless and meandering. Imagine a news TV program purely generated by AI – scripts, video and sounds? Arousing, huh?

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