On Watching 'Network' (1976)

The Lifeboat №21: Reviewing a film, talking about media and a bit about our weird attraction to cynics.

Reading and translating Chekhov's Two Newspapermen finally nudged me to write a review on one of my favourite films, Network (1976). You will see the connection.

This masterpiece was sadly overlooked by me for a long time. It seems it is known mostly to Sidney Lumet’s (the director) or Paddy Chayefsky’s (the writer) fans, avid cinephiles or screenwriters. I attribute myself to all these four groups, vaguely at least, and have watched a lot of other films directed by Sidney Lumet but to my shame missed Network. Then, while teaching myself screenwriting, I saw this film in various listicles like “Top 100 Screenplays Every Screenwriter Must Read”. Network won four Academy Awards and one of them was for the Best Original Screenplay. I know, winning even a bunch of Oscars doesn't necessarily claim a film as a masterpiece but the Network truly is a masterpiece and today I want to talk about it.

Now we can start.

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