On Graphomania

The Lifeboat №22: On obsession with writing, hustleporn connoisseurs and being prolific

Dear wanderer,

Productivity gurus have taken everything from us, perverted or romanticised. Activities such as walking, journaling, reading, breathing, tweeting, talking, fucking and others have acquired utterly utilitarian values and become secret ingredients to the rapturous recipe, the Holy Grail of creativity and wealth, a part and a rule of the hustle, the hustle able turn you from a layabout dumbass into a modern incarnation of Thoth. Don’t read it as me saying you should stop engaging with these activities. Read it as me saying that taking a misbegotten red pill is rather fraught and only leads to the Sisyphean cycle of doing your atomic habits.

Hustleporn connoisseurs reached with their hairy palms things we do, books we read and even words we use. Remember how great was “adding v*lue” and every day felt special? Remember when “c*ntent” did not mean everything but nothing like it does now? Oh, wait, “l*verage”, yes. A good one. Words and phrases get devoided of meaning when overused. Some cults, communities and individuals have to put an embargo on these words because they have started causing people to experience a rather bizarre buzzword-bulimia.

But what about 'become prolific'? This phrase hasn't yet been banned, in my brain, at least.

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